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Uhuru kenyatta Social media handles accessed by hackers and posted weird messages forcing him to close the accounts completely

Uhuru's twitter and facebook pages deleted, minutes after tweeting against corruption Surprise development President Uhuru Ken...

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Friday, 22 March 2019

leonard cheptumo

Uhuru kenyatta Social media handles accessed by hackers and posted weird messages forcing him to close the accounts completely

Uhuru's twitter and facebook pages deleted, minutes after tweeting against corruption
Surprise development

President Uhuru Kenyatta's social media pages were on Friday deleted.
It was not immediately clear the circumstances under which the Facebook and Twitter pages were all deleted barely two hours after the President wrote of his displeasure with corruption.
"If you are corrupt we will fight you. You can be my brother or my sister or my closest political ally, but if you are corrupt we will fight you,” the President said early on Friday morning.
President Kenyatta has hitherto been the head of state with the largest social media following in Africa.
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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

leonard cheptumo

Names and faces of 6 people arrested today over 2 billion fake currency at Barclays Bank

Raila Odinga close ally and political partner is among 6 people arrested today. He was arrested over 2 billion fake money ring in Barclays Bank. ERICK ADEDE is among 6 people arrested today. 
 6 People were arrested today evening by Directorate of Criminal Investigations - DCI Detectives in connection with Fake currency amounting to slightly over 20Million US Dollars Barclays Bank of Kenya Queensway Branch. 
The fake notes in 100 Dollar denominations were recovered from the Bank’s Safe Room|Barclays
The six suspects are:-
Dr. Erick Adede-Owner of the Box

Mr. Ahmed Shah- Fake Investor

Ms. Elizabeth Muthoni

Ms. Irene Wairimu Kimani

Mr. Boaz Ochich - Bank official
Mr. Charles Manzi-Bank official
Also held for statement recording is a witness who would have been conned.

Erick adede and Nasa leader Raila Odinga in past function 
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leonard cheptumo

Who Owns the 48 New double Cabin Impounded by the DCI at Kimwarer Dam site in Elgeyo Marakwet? Revelations Made

More revelations of calculated theft for resources meant for the construction of the Kimwarer and Arror dams in Elgeyo Marakwet county emerged yesterday after detectives seized 48 double-cabin vehicles reportedly diverted from the project.

The cars were bought for transport services in the construction of the two dams but were diverted to private use.

Seizure of the vehicles came on a day that reports emerged that the files on the two projects had now been taken to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to decide on the way forward.

Officials privy to the probe said the Sh21 billion probe files were taken to DPP Noordin Haji’s office at the weekend with recommendations to prosecute a number of government officials.

On Saturday and Sunday, officers attached to DCI seized four dozens of the new vehicles. Some had been diverted to undertake similar works at the stalled controversial Itare Dam in Nakuru county.

A total of 30 vehicles were seized at a parking lot at Mitchell Cotts Building in Nairobi while 18 others were traced at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

Among those who have been questioned include National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich, top Kerio Valley Development Authority managers led by the chief executive David Kimosop and a number of suppliers of goods and services for the construction of the dams.
Parking lot at Mitchell Cotts Building belongs to. Opposition leader musalia Mudavadi, we don't know if he leased it or 8s directly involved in the Scandal. 
According to information reaching us, a vocal Rift Valley senator who has been busy defending the project was allocated 2 of the cars. 
The cars allocated to him were being driven by the wife. 

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Monday, 18 March 2019

leonard cheptumo

Revealed :Man who Christine Maonga fell in love with before being brutality murdered by husband who is an AP officer

Few days ago, kenyans work up to news that an AP officer had murdered wife.
The main reason for the murder is cheating claims.

The AP Officer murdered his wife of more than 7 years, after she fell in love with someone else.
Those who knew the couple said that the lady wanted to end the marriage and move on.
She had apparently secured an employment and was earning more than the husband now.
Things were not working out in the marriage.
Keen Kenyans have now unearthed the other man in Christine Maonga life.
From Facebook comments on both the ladies Facebook page and the other mans page,we can now confirm the identity of the man.
The name of the man is Rashid rasha and they have been openly calling each other darling and sweetheart online.
This move is said to have angared Patrick, the AP Officer.
Here are some of the comments.

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leonard cheptumo

Chilling message Kakamega AP officer wrote before killing wife Who is a high school teacher

The murder of Christine Maonga continues to baffle investigators.
An AP officer based in Kakamega killed his wife after their love relationship turned soar.

The police officer is currently in custody.
Information reaching us, shows that the AP Officer had been suicidal for a long time.
Here is one of the messages he posted on nis Facebook page.
"Is there any wrogh someone to commit suiced becoz of love?....whoever lives by the sword,,,dies by the sword and whoever lives by the GUN,,,dies by the."
This was back in 2017.Those who knew the couple, confined to us, that their marital problems started back in 2017.
Christine is said to have met another person while doing her degree. She graduated in 2017 and managed to secure a job few months later.
She fell in love with that other person and wanted to end things with Patrick, the AP Officer, whom together they have a 3 year old daughter.
This latest turn of events angared Patrick and he resorted to killing her by shooting her more than 20 times.
Looking at Patrick Facebook page he had harbored suicidal thoughts since 2013 and had posted numerous times about plans to end his life because of love.
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leonard cheptumo

Mistress from hell:After killing his wife Judy Wangui Causes Joseph kori more pain by her actions when they were both locked up

Joseph kori has suffered double tragedy from his mistress judy Wangui.
Kori had been locked up together with Judy after both were suspected to have master minded the Killing of Mary kamangara.
Joseph Kori was later acquitted and is now a state witness.

After being released, Joseph Kori Karue was shocked. 
Judy Wangui,who is accused of killing Joseph Kori’s wife, Mary Wambui, has changed the ownership of a car Kori bought to her name. Kori, through his lawyer Harrison Thimba filed a complaint that Wangui colluded with other people to transfer the ownership documents of a white Mercedes Benz saloon car, KCR 898L while in custody.

He further told the court that he had allegedly bought the car for Wangui but chose to maintain the documents in his name.The car which was identical to his wife’s vehicle KCR 898L, had been detained at Juja police station and it is upon his release that Kori discovered the transfer of ownership.

Thimba told the court, “The motor vehicle belonging to my client (Kori) has been released, the only pending issue is about the other motor vehicle KCR 898L, which was illegally transferred to Judy (Wangui) when my client was in custody.”

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Friday, 15 March 2019

leonard cheptumo

10 Photos of Lady who was killed by AP husband for Dumping him yet he funded her university education

"This AP, Patrick oita nyapara picked this Lady,Christine Maonga from the village brought her to Nairobi, took her to College and pay her fee to University level where she graduated.

While he was paying her fees he was also helping her Mother back home.
After graduation the lady found her so called "class" and described the AP Officer a D- product and wanted her to let go her ways!
She later came back home and told him, “let’s break up am now dating the CEO of big company”.

Angered by her latest attitude towards him, the AP called her mother in the village, the mother told him, 'let my daughter decide her future.
He called her sisters, and they answered “can the AP manage our university graduate sister”.
Ata kama ni Mimi No I can't!
The AP pumped 47 bullets into her 'tiny' body!"

By Peter mango
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