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Jacque maribe dumps Jowie Irungu As she seeks Bail

Jacque maribe has finally ended her relationship with fiancee. Jacque maribe who is currently in police custody has finally decided to dis...

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Friday, 19 October 2018

leonard cheptumo

Jacque maribe dumps Jowie Irungu As she seeks Bail

Jacque maribe has finally ended her relationship with fiancee.
Jacque maribe who is currently in police custody has finally decided to distant herself from her fiancee jowie Making it clear that she has ended the relationship.
In an affidavit seeking to be released, Jacque maribe hinted jowie is no longer her fiancee.
“Irungu was my fiancé as at then and in the circumstances I definitely communicated with him.”
“It is most unfair to use the communication between me and him in the given circumstances of our then existing relationship as a reason to deny me bail,” said Maribe in her affidavit.
Saying that irungu was her fiancee clearly shows that she does not recognize him anymore as her boyfriend and has already dumped him.
Jowie Irungu ruined Jacque maribe perfect career by dragging her in a murder case she was not involved.

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Thursday, 18 October 2018

leonard cheptumo

Lethal weapon Jowie was walking with on his hand even the day he was proposing to maribe

Citizen TV’s Jacque Maribe’s lover, Jowie, has been in the headlines ever since the late Monica Kimani died under mysterious circumstances.
The notorious play-boy has been linked to the death of the young businesswoman who was killed on cold blood and millions of shillings stolen from her apartment in Kilimani.
Jowie’s life has been controversial and mysterious but one thing is clear, he is a very dangerous man.
On social media, he has been flossing lethal guns and claiming that he is a trained soldier.
He used to tell his friends that he got military training in Afghanistan.
It has now emerged that Jowie has been walking with a deadly weapon on his hand, something that even his close friends may not be aware of.
If you look at his photos on social media before he was arrested , he was always wearing a bracelet that looks harmless but it’s so deadly.
It’s a para claw bracelet that is common with weapon enthusiasts and can act as a personal defense knife during an attack.
One of the website reviews that para claw bracelet that Jowi always wore on his hand can solve the problem of carrying a weapon for self defense.
Jowi was always walking around with the concealed weapon on his hand.
Even when he was proposing to Jacque Maribe, he had put on the deadly
bracelet which can act as a knife.
Jowi was also going to the clubs with the deadly weapon on his hand.
See photos of him rocking the para claw bracelet in different occasions.
Perhaps this is what he used to slit Monica Kimani’s throat.
Via Kenya daily post

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Monday, 15 October 2018

leonard cheptumo

Photos of Jacque maribe ex boyfriend and jowie Greeting each other excites Kenyans

Jacque maribe today attended a court case together with her fiance.
Among those who attended the proceedings are Jacque maribe ex Dennis ITUMBI.

Dennis has always denied having dated Jacque maribe, those who knew them said that they dated briefly before they decided to became friends.
He had this prayer request for Jacque maribe before her case
"It has always been said and I agree that, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."
Though it tarries, be sure that Justice will be done my dear friend Jacque Maribe
So shall it be done for Monica and Family.
So, graciously hear me Lord.
Good week all."

She went to court where she was seen conversing with both jowie and maribe.
Nobody expected itumbi to have a car or even greet jowie irungu considering that jowie snatched maribe from Dennis itumbi.

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leonard cheptumo

Why maribe will not be allowed to go back her house if released on bond

Jacque maribe will not be allowed to go back to her house if released on bond.
Maribe together with her co-accused jowie irungu who is also her fiance were living in high rise apartment in langata.

Jacque maribe house Is a secondary scene of crime thus nothing will be tampered with even if Jacque maribe is released.

The investigating officer further stated that Monica Kimani's residence as well as that Ms. Maribe have been identified to be the primary and secondary crime scenes respectively.

In an affadavit, the investigating officer also does not want maribe and jowie to be released on bond since there is a high likelihood that they will interfere with evidence.

"There is a likelihood of the accused persons interfering and intimidating the key prosecution witnesses if released on bail and therefore justifiable to subject the accused to pretrial detention noting that some of the key witnesses are the house help, manager who was with them prior to the fatal incident and after, watchmen and other key witnesses,” reads part of the affidavit.

Maribe and jowie will continue spending time in langata women's prison and industrial area prison respectively as bail application is heard.

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leonard cheptumo

Monica kimani called me several times to go fo her apartment but i did not Go, Jowie Irungu Narrates to MuM

Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu is in police custody. He had a confidential conversation with his mum, now, she is telling all about it.

Jowie is the prime suspect in the murder of Monicah Kimani. The 29-year-old businessman was found dead in her bathtub with her hands bound behind her, her throat slit and the water running to wash away the blood.

Jowie’s mum spoke to NTV’s Dennis Okari where she revealed a conversation she had with the son.

    “The first night he called us, on a Sunday, he said he was in hospital and told me to tell his father as well. I asked him why he is in hospital. He said, he had been shot. I broke down. I wondered will he really survive. I asked him if he was shot coming to Nakuru or what is it that happened? He said, the shooting incident happened in Nairobi,” she said distraught and emotional.

Jowie at the time had been taken to Kijabe Hospital after the shooting incident. He was dropped by his friend.

She continued, “He then asked me if I could go see him in the hospital. I told him, I cannot make it to come see him that night because our car couldn’t make it all the way to Kijabe and we did not have money to hire one either. It was 7pm.

    Later I asked him what will he eat, he said, right now I can only eat food prepared by you or Jacque but I cannot eat anyone else’s food. We asked him why? I don’t know the motive of those people who shot me. So I cannot just eat any food given to me by just anyone,” she said.

The mother  explained further, “On Tuesday, when I called him, his phone was off. When I turned on the news at 1pm, I saw him. I was shocked. I got confused because I had just left him in hospital receiving his treatment. What is going on now?”

“I was still in shock over the news, I thought to myself that I should call his father but I stopped myself because he might get shocked and fall at work.

Instead I called Jowie’s daughter and asked her ‘Are you seeing what I’m seeing?’ She told me, ‘Mum, let me go to Kilimani and find out what has happened’.

    He told me he knew Monicah but their relationship was not very close. He said, that Monicah is the one who called him but he missed the call. So he called her back. It is like she wanted Jowie to process some papers for her to go to Dubai. She also told him that she has some language that has been held at the airport and she needed help.

“Later again, Monicah called Jowie when she got to the house and told him to go see her but he told her he cannot go to her. He told us he did not go to that compound,” Jowie’s mum claims

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Saturday, 13 October 2018

leonard cheptumo

Details about Uhuru ' s Mabati Estate That Earns Him Millions

Details have emerged about a mabati estate owned by President Uhuru Kenyatta 's family that rakes in millions a year in rent collections.
The 200 housing units charge from Ksh1,200 to Ksh1,450 depending on the size. That translates to over Ksh2 million a year.
The houses are built in blocks with front porches and an allowance for front yard veggie gardens.
The interior can accommodate a small bed, a table, two seats, and cooking utensils. Each unit houses two to four tenants, meaning the estate has over 400 people.
The estate located in Kitengela, known as Kwa Uhuru is in an expansive piece of land, just a few kilometres from the town.
The rent payments are made to an agent on behalf of the first family.

A resident told journalists that “Rent is Deposited to an agent account then channeled to the President’s family. Rent is paid strictly before date 10 of every month.”
A majority of the tenants are workers of Exotic Penina Fields Group Ltd, a flower farm located nearby.
The estate enjoys 24-hour security and a borehole that provides water all round the clock.

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Friday, 12 October 2018

leonard cheptumo

Breaking:Chebukati sacks chiloba, Here is the main reason for his sacking

IEBC ceo Ezra Chiloba claims his job has been terminated by Chairman Wafula Chebukati for failing to appear in two disciplinary committees.
The circus at Kenyan electoral body -IEBC-continues. Chairman Wafula Chebukati and sacked CEO Ezra Chiloba need to be held to account for corruption, mismanagement of polls and negligence that borders on criminality.

Chiloba was suspended twice before being sacked today.
He had gone to court to prevent his sacking and won.
His sacking today was mainly because of the fact that he had failed to appear in two disciplinary meetings which was scheduled by iebc.

More details to follow.

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