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Jacque Maribe Boyfriend had tried to Wooing the woman he is accused of murdering,Fresh details emerge

Jacque Maribe Boyfriend was arrested yesterday after  he was accused of murdering a woman named monica kimani. Maribe boyfriend is now on ...

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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

leonard cheptumo

Jacque Maribe Boyfriend had tried to Wooing the woman he is accused of murdering,Fresh details emerge

Jacque Maribe Boyfriend was arrested yesterday after  he was accused of murdering a woman named monica kimani.
Maribe boyfriend is now on custody and was arraigned today In court in the afternoon.
Monica's brother George Thiru Kimani , revealed that he and the suspect, Jowie, were friends.
Jowie and  kimani new each other back in the university in 2012 but lost track of each other.
Jowie later became friends with monica kimani through social media.
And that's how the suspect reunited with monica Kimani.
Before getting engaged to Jacque Maribe jowie had tried to woo monica kimani who was super rich but failed .
Monica kimani had declined his offer because she said that jowie was not her type.They however remained very close friends and used to hang together a lot.
Jowie was the one who picked monica from the airport the day she was brutally murdered

Photo: Courtesy

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leonard cheptumo

List of Jacque Maribe alleged Ex and current boyfriends

Jacque maribe is currently one of the best tv presenter in the country.
Jacque maribe love life came into public limelight yesterday when her boyfriend was arrested for the murder of Monica kimani, a 28 year old woman murdered in her apartment at kilimani.
Today we will look at list of Jacque maribe alleged ex boyfriends and her current boyfriend jowie who was arrested yesterday.
Here are photos from Dennis itumbi ,Dennis the student and Erick omondi.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

leonard cheptumo

Photos of Jacque Maribe boyfriend Who is being accused of murdering a 28 year old woman

Joewi aka Joe irungu was unknown to many Kenyans.
He came to public limelight this year on July after he proposed to citizen tv anchor Jackie Maribe.
Today he has been arrested for brutal murder of 28 year old Monica kimani,who was found dead on her apartment .
Apparently Joe irungu was in Monica's apartment the night she was murdered.
A neighbor positively identified him and also his mobile data shows she was at the slain womans home the night she was murdered.

Joe irungu excuse is the he was in a hospital that night treating a gun wound from thugs but police did not buy it.

See his photos below, you can clearly see the gun wound 

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leonard cheptumo

Why Jacque Maribe is being questioned over brutal murder of 28 year old Monica Kimani

All is not well with the anchor Jackie Maribe life as she is being questioned over a brutal murder .
Jaquie Maribe is not the key suspect but her fiance Joe irungu is the main suspect.
Joe who has a gun injury on the shoulder has been arrested over the brutal murder of Monica kimani.
Police have also questioned Jacque Maribe after she admitted she had taken him to hospital on Friday with a gunshot wound.
According to the police, the suspect reported to Langata Police Station that he was shot by unknown people after he had dropped the journalist on Friday morning at Royal Park Estate

But police records show that Joe irungu mobile was in the apartment where the woman was murdered.
Joe irungu was wearing a kanzu and and a neighbor positively identified him after he was parraded today morning after being arrested.
The neighbor had seen an heavily build man wearing a kanzu entering Monica kimani apartment the night she was murdered.
She positively identified him today.

Photo: courtesy

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leonard cheptumo

Obados trick in Sharon's murder that backfired

Explosive revelations by detectives have for the first time given crucial links to the death of Sharon Otieno, the slain Rongo University student.
With Migori Governor Okoth Obado directly linked to the gruesome murder following phone data that traced him to the crime scene, his application for bond may have been thrown to a quagmire.
And according to DPP Noordin Haji, conspirators in the murder, some close aides of Governor Okoth Obado, 'messed up' during the abduction.
The Toyota Fielder used for abduction, investigations show, had its tracking system dismantled in the fateful day.

And a day later, the tracking system would be fixed thus giving a suspicious indication that the murder was orchestrated to seal evidence.
However, with the vehicle, belonging to one of Obado's aide, Caspal Obiero having been identified by journalist Barack Oduor, its driver Jackson Gombe, had to spill the beans to rescue himself.
At this point, the driver, who is said not to have been aware of their client moves, had to name all those involved, and interestingly, the county governor.

By hivisasa

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Sunday, 23 September 2018

leonard cheptumo

The other woman who was forced to abort obados child

Now, it has emerged that another woman was in a similar situation as Sharon.

Rhoda Odie Nyakwaka also had to abort her pregnancy after a reported affair with Governor Okoth Obado.

She happens to be Okoth Obado’s sister-in-law.

The First Lady, Hellen Okoth and Rhoda are born of the same father who got the latter after inheriting her widowed mother in Kadika village of Suna Central sub-county.

According to the Nairobian, when Hellen discovered the shenanigans of her beloved husband with Rhoda, she is said to have gone bonkers even as Obado, lawyer, Cliff Ombeta, insists they have never been an item.

But a member of the Kadika clan from Hellen’s side of the family told The Nairobian that Obado’s affair with Rhoda has remained an open secret for a long time.

There were allegations Obado even got Rhoda pregnant but the pregnancy was allegedly terminated at the behest of angry relatives who accused her of crossing the blood line.

The tabloid further reports that the man claimed the affair started three years back when the governor employed Rhoda at the county head-quarters in the catering department.
Check out never seen photos of Rhoda

been seen before…

Rhoda Nyakwaka
Rhoda Nyakwaka

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Saturday, 22 September 2018

leonard cheptumo

Here is the amount of money obado sent to children which forced All his accounts to be freezed

Okoth obado has come again into the spotlight, His accounts today were freezed after sleuths looked at his bank transactions.
Okoth obado Will be arraigned in court on Monday to face murder charges.
EACC county suppliers affiliated to Obado had transferred over KSh 2.5 billion to his children in Australia, Hong Kong and China.
The biggest beneficiary is his daughter by the name Susan who received a huge junk of the money
Susan obado unsuccessful vied for miss migori county back in 2013.
DPP has sought orders to freeze accounts of Obado, his wife Hellen Odie, five business associates and three companies working as his intermediaries.

Here is a statement by EACC detectives probing the case.
"We established a network of over 100 bank accounts through which these monies were transacted. We will get statements from employees of involved banks. After raiding suspects’ homes and got sale agreements of another 37 parcels of land,” said Anne Murigi, a detective attached to EACC."

The fact that okoth obado sent more than 2.5 billion to his children in Hong Kong, China and Australia shocked everyone.
Okoth obado might lose his governor seat because of corruption and the murder case.

Abado With children: courtesy

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