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All photos from nick Ruto graduation ceremony -

Nick Ruto deputy president William Ruto son was today admitted to the bar. Ruto who is a lawyer by profession has been studying for his p...

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

leonard cheptumo

All photos from nick Ruto graduation ceremony -

Nick Ruto deputy president William Ruto son was today admitted to the bar.
Ruto who is a lawyer by profession has been studying for his post graduate diploma in law at the Kenya Institute of law.
Deputy president William Ruto and his wife Rachel Ruto were present at the event.
Here are exclusive photos of the graduation ceremony.

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leonard cheptumo

Jacque Maribe completely breaks up with Jowie her fiance, who is locked up in kamiti

The love story between jowie and Jacque Maribe baffled everyone.
Jowie caught engaged to Jacque Maribe barely 6 months after dating.
Maribe and jowie splashed their photos all over social media.
Jowie irungu and Jacque Maribe could later be implicated in the brutal murder of Monica kimani where jowie is the hey suspect.
Jowie irungu will be remanded until this year June when the case will resume to full trial.
Today Jacque Maribe seems to have moved on and has completely forgotten jowie.
Jacque maribe has deleted all her photos with jowie even the engagement photos.
It seems she is moving on and  completely forgetting her criminal boyfriend who dragged her into a murder case.

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leonard cheptumo

The story of Killer Judy Wangui :She is a class eight drop out who used to sell boiled eggs and shoe sinner before she met kori who transformed her life.

The Mpango wa Kando phenomena is huge in the Country today. It is like a Mosaic law men adhere to.
Take the story of Ms Judy Wangui Mungai, a class eight dropout who is accused of bludgeoning her lover’s wife to death using a pressure cooker. A week before she got entangled in actions that would leave her as the key suspect in the murder, Judy took her son to live with her ailing mother at Gikure Village in Gatundu South, Kiambu County. She enrolled the seven-year-old in a local private school. Her family did not make much of the action as she frequented home to take care of her mother with basic upkeep items and medication.
This shows her plans were premeditated.
Wangui’s family says she attended Gikure Primary School but did not go beyond Standard Eight.
Until two years ago, Ms Mungai lived an ordinary life eking out a living by hawking boiled eggs, sausages and tea at a car wash in Thindigua along Kiambu Road.
To supplement her earnings, she cleaned muddy shoes for the car wash customers, charging about Sh200 per pair. Business boomed and she soon opened a wines and spirits shop targeting the motorists.
Those who know her say it is while operating at the car wash that Ms Mungai met Mr Joseph Kori, a businessman who turned her fortunes around.
She moved from Thindigua Estate where a two-bedroom apartment goes for between Sh18,000 to Sh30,000 in monthly rent and moved to the high-end gated community about three kilometers away.
At the new residence, where she is suspected to have lured Ms Kamangara to her death, Ms Mungai lived in a two-bedroom apartment at Daisy Court 4. Residents say the apartments go for Sh60,000 per month.
On her Facebook account under the handle Danyque Gabriel, she indicated that she was born on December 15, 1991, but shared very little about her background.
She would at times post photos of her and Mr Karue on Facebook, including of them on exotic tours in Malaysia and Singapore last year. However, when they shared the dock in Kiambu two weeks ago, Ms Mungai and Mr Kori seemed like strangers.
Kori changed Judy’s life. Picked her from the gutters literally. Today, her heinous and stupid moves will earn her a life sentence leaving behind her young son to be raised by her sickly and aged mother.
This brings to memory the unfortunate incident of Rongo University Student Sharon Otieno who upon getting Pregnant with Migori Governor Obado’s son began sending provocative messages to his wife and son.
She too is gone, died young, leaving behind three kids.
By the Kenya report

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Tuesday, 12 February 2019

leonard cheptumo

Main reason why Judy Wangui and Late Mary Wambui fought, Taxi driver spills the beans on how Judy Wangui was copying the late Mary Wambui life

According Mr Mathenge’s account, the women started arguing over Mr Kori’s photos in the house and the logbook of an identical Mercedes Benz, which Mr Karue had apparently bought for the mistress.

A fight ensued, Mr Mathenge said, and the two wrestled over a knife, which Ms Mungai wanted to use to stab her rival, before the suspect rushed to the kitchen, grabbed a pressure cooker and hit Ms Wambui with it on the head.

The knife is part of the items that police found at Ms Wangui’s residence and forwarded for forensic examination.

The pressure cooker has not been found after it was thrown in a thicket along the Ruiru-Kiambu road.


Mr Mathenge said when Ms Wambui screamed for help, Ms Mungai suffocated her to death, dragged the body to the kitchen, and wrapped it in bedding.

A post-mortem report seen by the Nation shows that she was hit with a blunt object nine times and suffered internal bleeding to the brain.

Mr Mathenge said Ms Mungai called him around 10pm from Homeland Inn, where she was trying to get another car she had hired to dispose of the body.

Security guards refused to let her take the vehicle because she had no gate pass.

She drove back home in Ms Wambui’s car. Mr Mathenge arrived several minutes after midnight in his Toyota Noah. They left again for Homeland Inn in his car but could not convince the guards to release the other vehicle. These movements were captured on CCTV.

They drove back to the estate, parked Mr Wambui’s car near the stairs, carried the body downstairs, and placed it in the back seat. The two then used the Kiambu-Kamiti-Ruiru road, escaped a near-detection at a roadblock at the Kamiti Junction and proceeded to dump the body at Mugutha.

While on their way back, Mr Mathenge said they stopped at Gitambaya, between Ruiru and Kiambu, where Ms Mungai threw away the pressure cooker and the bedding.


These have been taken by police as well as keys believed to be for Ms Wambui’s house, a baby car seat that had been displaced from the back seat to accommodate the body, and a black polythene bag in which the pressure cooker was wrapped.

Detectives suspect that the cooker and the carpet, which are missing, may have been later retrieved by a passer-by either for sale or for use.

Ms Wangui and Mr Mathenge then proceeded towards Githunguri through the Kirigiti-Riabai road, where they threw away a blood-stained carpet.

They abandoned Ms Wambui’s car at Kwa-Maiko trading centre, where it was recovered two days later. They arrived back in the estate at 5am in Mr Mathenge’s car.

Police have impounded five vehicles, including the two Mercedez Benz saloons, Mr Karue’s Lexus SUV, a Toyota Allion and Mr Mathenge’s Noah

Source daily Nation Kenya
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Monday, 11 February 2019

leonard cheptumo

7 photos of Judy Wangui the main suspect of Mary kamangara cold murder

Judy Wangui, a mpango wa kando to Joseph kori is now the main suspect in the brutal murder of Mary kamangara.

Judy Wangui is suspected to have commited the heinous act after convincing Mary kamangara to accompany her to her house before brutally murdering her.
It is believed to have been a murder of jealousy after Joseph kori began ignoring her and hinted at ending the relationship with her..

She murdered Mary kamangara by using a pressure cooker to hit her head 9 times before struggling her.
Here are photos of the main suspect Judy Wangui.

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leonard cheptumo

5th woman emerges in Joseph kori complicated love life

Mary Wambui kamangara Murder case continues to leave Kenyans surprised.
All along Kenyans had thought that Joseph kori was the main murder suspect Who murdered his wife.
It has now emerged that Judy Wangui, the mpango wa kando is the main and key suspect in the complicated murder triangle.
A source who knew the couple well and decided to speak anonymously has finally opened up to us.
Late Mary kamangara and Judy Wangui hanging out together the day she murdered her 

It has now emerged that Joseph kori and his mpango wa kando Judy Wangui were not in good terms.
Joseph Kori was planning to dump Judy Wangui and concentrate on his marriage.
In that morning day of murder, Judy Wangui woke up in the morning and went to Joseph kori house.
She waited patiently until Joseph kori left the house, SHe even secretly took pictures of Joseph kori car leaving the compound.
After kori left the house, she went into Joseph kori house and asked Joseph kori son where daddy his, she was told he has left.
She asked if he can take the son and buy him ice cream and pizza at TRM mall, The son went and asked permission from mom who Is late Mary kamangara. Mary kamangara was told Auntie wa dad is here, a term the children called Judy Wangui.
The mom declined and decided instead to accompany Judy Wangui.
According to the source Judy Wangui was planning to kidnap the son and use him to blackmail Joseph kori to get back to her.
She instead ended up killing his wife.
The source also tells us there was a new lady in kori life who he had made a director in a new company he had registered. The company had received 15 million tender which the source said had made Judy Wangui very mad and also the fact that kori was planning to leave her.
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leonard cheptumo

Full cctv footage :Moment to moment details until Mary kamangara Murder

Full cctv footage between main murder suspect Judy Wangui and late Mary kamangara.

Judy Wangui was seen hanging out with the late Mary kamangara the day of the murder and polive have released exclusive footage.
Mary kamangara Murder case leaves detectives baffled as twist after twist continues to unveil each passing day.
Joseph Kori was the key and main suspect but now it has been established from cctv footage that it was indeed Judy Wangui who committed the heinous murder.
CCTV footage of the murder has been released.
Watch below how each step unfolded.

Watch video here 
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