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Details about text Sharon shared to governor obado son on WhatsApp that Angered the Governor

Governor okoth obado has finally cleared the air about her relationship with slain University student Sharon otieno, Governor okoth obado ha...

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Saturday, 15 September 2018

leonard cheptumo

Details about text Sharon shared to governor obado son on WhatsApp that Angered the Governor

Governor okoth obado has finally cleared the air about her relationship with slain University student Sharon otieno, Governor okoth obado has admitted that he was in a relationship with the student,He said that it was true that the 7th month Baby Sharon otieno was carrying was his.
Okoth obado had agreed to take of the baby and even offered to buy Sharon a plot and build her a decent house, Sharon was a poor girl coming from a poor family.

After promising her a those things , Governor okoth obado was shocked to Learn that Sharon had three other children from previous relationship.
After the governor Learned about this, he became angry and cut commination with Sharon.
He blocked her in both whatspp and on voice calls.
Sharon tried to reach the governor but in vain.
she became mad and reached out to governor obado son, Sharon sent governor obado son a picture of her naked baby bump and told him he was pregnant with the governor son, he instructed the governor son to show the picture to her mother, Hellen obado , the migori first.
She told the governor son to tell her mother she is carrying the governors son and the governor will buy her even a bigger house than the one they are living in.
This action angered the governor, and the okoth obado family held a meeting about okoth obado took responsibility about the Sharon pregnancy and apologized to his family about the relationship.

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Thursday, 13 September 2018

leonard cheptumo

Saumu Mbuvi Introduces new boyfriend after breaking up with Baby Daddy

Saumu mbuvi sonko has introduced new boyfriend years after breaking up with baby daddy, Saumu mbuvi was in a relationship with Ben gethi and together they have two children.
Saumu and gethi called it quits after irrocincible difference s and Saumu moved back to her parents home.
It seems now that she is moving on.

Over the weekend she was accompanied by an unknown man to a function, the two were holding hands during the function.
Saumu seemed very comfortable with the man and even sat together as they chatted during the function.
Saumu later posted on Instagram clearly stating that the unidentified man was his husband.
Before unveiling new man he had said that he is tired of blogs writing about her .
Here is what she said that time .
I’m tired of waking up every morning getting different stories about me on these cheap blogs. Just to clear the air, I was never married in the first place. I’m just a woman who realised my worth before it was too late . Yes we broke up . I'm just too young to go through such bullshit of a man moving from one politician’s daughter to another for his selfish benefits.” she wrote on social media.
Here are exclusive photos of the man and Saumu mbuvi sonko.

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Monday, 10 September 2018

leonard cheptumo

I was also kidnapped Okoth Obado PA Oyamo narrates his side of story (Full interview)

Main suspect of the Rongo university murder case has finally spoken.
Michael oyamo who is Governor obado PA is the key suspect, while barack Odour is the main witness.

Michael oyamo who was arrested immediately after Sharon otieno was found death has narrated his side of the story.
He said that he was kidnapped and has narrated a similar story to that of key witnessed barrack Odour.
According to oyamo he was also a victim of kidnapping but managed to escape just before Barrack Odour escaped
He claims that he sought for treatment at kisii level 5 hospital before reporting the incident at uriri police station.
Police are not buying this story, They said it was not possible for oyamo to escape from a kidnapping incident with no visible injuries.
He moved from kisii level 5 hospital to uriri police station in a record 30 minutes which police have also questioned.
Every finger is pointing at the governor PA who was the last person to contact Sharon.
He also called an anonymous number several times the night Sharon was murdered.

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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

leonard cheptumo

Details about this man Micheal Oyamo, Govorner Obado’s Personal Assistant Who was last seen with Sharon otieno

Michael Oyamo is well-known to by Migori residents and you would only talk in low tones as he uses violence to tame anyone down who talks or criticise Governor Okoth Obado.
According to those who know him well, he is a well trained former Kenya military officer who left the military in a cloud of darkness and later went to do various duties in Afghanistan and South Sudan.
He later returned to the country in the early 2000s with a lot of money and bought a bus which he used to carry passengers from Nairobi to Migori and back.
He used to leave in Nairobi’s Fedha estate where even his own neighbours confessed that he is one rough person who would get into fights and arguments over non issues.
Neighbours in Fedha Estate remember one instance when he beat his wife to the point of the wife remaining completely paralysed on one side.
Oyamo was not able to support his transport business and later operated a small butchery being going completely broke.
He was rescued by now Migori Governor Okoth Obado in 2012 who saw the opportunity to have him as his man who fixes all critics and ensures that the governor is feared all through the county.
Nobody dare criticise the governor in Migori. Even some parliamentarians would think twice before visiting the county if they have been critics of Obado because of the gang of hooligans coordinated by Michael Oyamo.
Michael Oyamo led a gang of thugs in kidnapping Daily Nation journalist Barrack Oduor and Sharon Otieno from Rongo town on Monday night. Barrack Oduor was able to jump off the moving vehicle while Sharon Otieno who was 7 months pregnant with a baby believed to be of the governor, was not lucky to escape.
Sharon’s lifeless body was found in K’Odera forest on Tuesday evening.

By daily active

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leonard cheptumo

Ladies found dead after dating powerful politians

They were Young ambitious ladies who met faul play after getting involved with wrong powerful guys

Mercy keino

What happened is still a mystery at whose centre was Kiambu Governor William Kabogo who testified in the inquest as one of the people who attended a party where she was last seen alive

The university student died under unclear circumstances and that is why there were suspicions that she was murdered.

Her body was found by passers-by lying on the left lane of Waiyaki Way about 100 metres from the St Mark’s Church in Westlands, Nairobi.

Carol ngumbi

Details have emerged of the woman whose body was found next to that of IEBC ICT manager Chris Msando.
Her family on Tuesday revealed her identity as 21-year old Caro Ngumbu.
She had just finished studies at Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Karen branch and was due to graduate in December.
She was just an  good girl her mum said  she was a good girl 
This case however is being in the right  place at the wrong time

Sharon otieno
Sharon is the latest case she was found muderd in the forest,
The second year student, who was pursuing a degree in Medical Records and Information, has been missing since Monday evening.
Sharon and Mr Oduor were kidnapped moments after being lured out of Graca Hotel in Rongo around 7.35pm by Governor Okoth Obado’s Personal Assistant Michael Oyamo.
Mr Obado has since denied claims linking him to the murder of the student and the attempted abduction
At the time of her murder she was pregnant 
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leonard cheptumo

Sharon otieno! What revelaed what happened before she was found dead

The body of Sharon otieno was found Tuesday night at rando forestnight before being taken to Oyugi Level Four Hospital.

Slain Rongo University student Sharon Otieno had reached Migori Governor Okoth Obado's aide to discuss a relationship matter that had gone sour, reports the Standard.
Sharon had accused a powerful man of impregnating her and not taking responsibilities,this alligations  were being investigated by journalist Brian odour   who was abducted with Sharon but he managed to jump out of their abductors car.

“The body was moved to the mortuary where her parents identified her. We are following up the case professionally,” he said.
He added: "Of course the PA is the chief suspect and we shall follow up the matter.
Leaders have condemned the act
Homa Bay Women Rep Gladys Wanga calling for expeditious investigations.
"It is quite sad that a young lady that Sharon could be killed for nothing. Those behind it however powerful they are must be punished."

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leonard cheptumo

Steve mbogo family,wife and adorable kids and his networth

WeSteve mbogo is one of the youngest Kenyan billionares the lad is worth a little billions of shillings and he isn't afraid of spending
Steve is married to a pretty woman she is Jamal gadaffis sister Sabrina Jamal ,they are blessed with two daughters
Steve flies his family to Paris and even desney land here are some few photos of them

Steve Mbogo family

Steve Mbogo wife and family

Steve Mbogo wife

Steve Mbogo wife and family

He makes their big days to be memorable always. Close friends as well as family members were among the invited people to witness the daughter turning a year older. If you want to see the lovely photos of that birthday event, follow Steve Mbogo on his social media pages. Here is the caption of the photos,

"Happy birthday Fatmah Mbogo. I am primitively loyal to you my daughter.#thembogos.”

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