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Saturday, 15 July 2017

leonard cheptumo

Why Raila called Margaret Kenyatta Elizabeth during nkaiserry burial

How do you confuse the first lady's name? The names Elizabeth and Margaret are not even close for one to confuse!
Not surprised though, this is the same guy who mistook a random WIPER delegate for the wife of his own running mate! Pondered a jubilee blogger in Facebook.
Raila odinga surprised everyone by calling Margaret Kenyatta Elizabeth during nkaiserry burial.
Raila odinga is getting old age is catching up with him very first.
Even Tanzania prime minister and former prime minister called her mama Margaret Kenyatta.
Early this year raila odinga mistook a random delegate for wiper party leader kalonzo musyoka wife.
Raila odinga is getting old and old people can only forget names and also faces causing them to call people random names.
Image raila in an international meeting forgetting names?
Raila odinga is too old for the presidency seat we need young vibrant leaders like Uhuru and ruto.

leonard cheptumo

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