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Sunday, 13 August 2017

leonard cheptumo

Githeri man gets new look


Githeri man was an online sensation in Kenya after election. He Unknowingly lined up during election eating His githeri as he was waiting to vote.
Unknown to him a Kenyan took a photo of githeri man to mock him,the photos went viral with Kenyans photo shopping him to anything including USA president Donald Trump.
It seems the fame paid off here is how githeri man looks now after well wishers and famous designers decided to change his look.

The design was done by a lady who designed Uhuru Kenyatta campaign shirt.
Githeri man has received many gifts including a fully paid trip to maaasai Mara by bonfire adventure
A real estate firm has also rewarded him with a plot in ngong area of the country. The firm goes by the name Username.

It was Luck for githeri man and its true when they say Gods time is the best.

leonard cheptumo

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