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Sunday, 13 August 2017

leonard cheptumo

Jokoyo midiwo Message to Raila that has melted kenyan hearts

Jokoyo midiwo has openly critized NASA leader Raila odinga.
In a lengthy Facebook post here is what he said.

Many of your will disagree , but this is my take. I completely disagree with Jakom and current NASA leadership on the NASA call for work boycott. Currently the only people demonstrating are Luos. The people getting maimed and killed are Luos The only people appearing with Jakom at the press conference are few Luo leaders. Other leaders have gradually pealed off and moved on with their lives.Jobs are hard to get. If Luos fail to go to work tomorrow and loss their jobs -then it is the Luos and their family who will suffer. Like i said earlier on , it is time we retreat. History will be on our side. Let us focus on what is good for us. Invest in our motherland. Manage our resources well to benefit our people. Strengthen our county governments. Support our own in their business. Educate our children. Volunteer some of your skills and free time to support each other. United we stand. God bless Nyikwa Ramogi

leonard cheptumo

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lincon matu
13 August 2017 at 21:15 delete

Jakoyo you have said it, there is no need to demonstrate and get killed for nothing.

Felix Ooko
14 August 2017 at 02:49 delete

A cowardly purported brain in speech is a mirror of fools. We don't have tribal landmarks in Kenya, imaginary created by some politicians are destructive factors of disunited failing nation , Kenyans ignore them.
We don't have an ethnic president but he is a national leader.
We all faced the unga manace together because rain never fell the whole Kenya.
Uhuru for all , Raila for all.
Kenyans don't allow to be devided by greed.