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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Kenya news

Photos: Meet the guy who exposed meeting between supremes court judges and nasa

Today Kenyans work up to shocking news that supreme Court judges were in contact with some NASA principals.
Of those implicated were deputy chief justice Philomena mailu and judge lenaola.
The guy behind the exposee is non other than Derrick NGumu director and founder if Angaza Kenya,a non profit organization.

His name is DERRICK NGUMU a founding director of Angaza Empowerment Network.

According to ndungu nyoro an online humanitarian, Derrick is a soft spoken guy who does not talk much but believes in actions.
Derrick petition might see end of supreme Court judges Philomena and lenaola who seem to have been compromised before the rulling.

Derrick photo as shared by nyoro.

Its sad to see that NASA leadership have not spoken today after the photos were leaked and it we hope that the truth will come out soon.
The supreme Court ruling was mainly political and it has nothing to do with justice.
Uhuru Kenyatta won the election free fairly and squarely that's why he is always ready to go to new elections anytime and anywhere.

Kenya news

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