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Monday, 23 October 2017

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After Advising Raila kethi kilonzo issues advice for chebukati

Kethi kilonzo has issued a statement for iebc chairman chebukati.
Kilonzo had earlier last week warned Raila of not participating in the poll.
SHe had told him that Kenya is bigger than any individual person and that elections must be held with or without Raila.
But today she has called for postponement of the poll  citing that it may trigger Violence across the country especially opposition strongholds.
In a statement in social media she said that chebukati should invoke artilcle 64 and postpone the election until a day that amicable dialogue has been reached.
Here is her statement
""By his own public confession, the chairman admitted that IEBC is unable to conduct an election that squarely meets the threshold of the Constitution and the law.
There is also no law in place to govern the procedure for the conduct of the fresh presidential elections," she stated."

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