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Sunday, 22 October 2017

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Moses Kuria issues statement about Akombe and Raila

Moses Kuria the gatundu legislator has issued very powerful message to both akombe and Raila.
Roslyn resigned as an IEBC commissioners last week,3 days to election.
Akombe left the country,where she moved to USA to deliver her shocking remarks that she doesn't believe IEBC is ready to deliver credible election.
On the other hand, Raila Odinga has declined to participate in the upcoming election, in stead he will deliver the way forward on Wednesday night, a day before election to His supporters.
Moses Kuria, a darling to jubilee supporters has issued statement to both akombe and is his statement.
"The resignation of Dr Akombe just like the purported withdrawal of Raila Odinga is a lost deposit. Both were meant to precipitate a crisis. Both have failed. Now the only 'shocker' remaining is that Raila will deliver signed Form 24A on Wednesday then claim the election is a fraud as his name is on the ballot even after his formal withdawal. Either way in the next 100 hours polls will open. We will vote. Mr Odinga and his supporters can stay at home or demonstrate anywhere. It is their right. As long as they do not obstruct other voters or polling officials. Supreme"

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