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Sunday, 29 October 2017

leonard cheptumo

Moses Kuria powerful message to the media and Raila Odinga

Here is what moses kuria shared in his Facebook page

"The media and indeed anyone has access to all Form 34As and Form 34Bs from the IEBC public portal. All that one needs to do is to download and tabulate and make their own conclussion. But what is the media doing? It is pushing Chebukati to keep making turnout predictions. And Chebukati, perhaps innocently-others would say naively- new to the evil machinations of The Fourt Estate, is falling into their trap. He easily allows the media to turn himself into the Director General of Meterological Department while he is still the Chairman of IEBC. The right thing to do is to stop all these predictions, receive all 34As and 34Bs, reconcile them, ensure all of them are in the public portal and announce the winner today so that we embark on swearing in a President-Elect and moving on with our lives-and rebellion for others.

Meanwhile we are still waiting for the local media to ask NRM and the rebel leader of Samakistan the questions that international media are asking him. Why obstruct an election ordered for by the Supreme Court? Why are you not withdrawing your militia from Samakistan to see if the people from there want to vote or not? Why are you sponsoring violence in Bungoma, Vihiga and Kawangware just to expand the conflict beyond your Samakistan tribal enclave? Why have you not visited Samakistan to urge your rebel fighters to remove illegal road blocks and barricades? You said on CNN that NASA has several wings like Parliamentary Group is the political wing and the NRM is another wing. Do you mean a military wing so that KDF can be allowed to deal with another military?

But will our media ask these questions? No! Instead they will focus on trivia and discreditting the elections and questioning legitimacy etc. They are adept at what Baldwin would call the prerogative of the harlot, the exercise of power without responsibility

Have a blessed Sunday my people."

leonard cheptumo

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