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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

leonard cheptumo

New details about lady in Ill fated chopper emerge

Kenyans only knew her by the name vero.
Not much details about her was given.
The nation visited their parents in their home and found details about vero who crushed in Saturday plane crush in lake Nakuru.
Vero was a graduate of rift valley institute and she had graduated last year on December.

File photo of vero/photo courtesy
According to the nation vero was among youth campaigning for Uhuru Kenyatta in south rift region.
She was a dedicated Uhuru Kenyatta foot soldier in rift valley before the ill fated chopper crush.
According to her parents, they did not know their daughter was on the chopper before the accident.
Her father had spoken to her that evening before she crushed on Saturday morning.
"We did not know she was in the chopper until her friend told us she was to travel to the Narok rally by air,” said the distraught father as quoted by the nation, adding that the family had continuously made phone calls but could not reach her.

Vero was a dedicated jubilee servant and will always be remembered.
May she rest in Peace

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