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Monday, 16 October 2017

leonard cheptumo

Ngunyi explains Raila actions and What they mean

Reknown political analyst mutahi ngunyi has explained raila actions.
In a YouTube video on his 5th estate YouTube account, mutahi ngunyi explains that Raila Odinga signed his political death by withdrawing from the race.

Reknown political analyst ngunyi
"If he has withdrawn from the race why does he want reforms before the election? If he's not a candidate why is he staging daily riots to reform an IEBC whose election he is not a part of?
"He wants to start a civil war in Kenya and for the past 2 months he's tried to provoke us to accomplish the mission," he explained.
Raila is not interested in election but a civil war he further explained.
On maraga, mutahi ngunyi explained that if elections are not held before November 1, maraga will be the automatic leader of the caretaker Government.

leonard cheptumo

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