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Friday, 20 October 2017

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This is what Odinga has promised to do before election day

Raila has said that he is not going to the polls but will give way forward on what Kenyans will do during eve if elections.
Here is what Raila said today in bondo market while addressing his supporters as quoted by the star Kenya

"On Wednesday I will talk to Kenya and I will tell you what you should do ahead of the polls,"
Raila said while speaking in bondo market
"I want to tell my people not to revenge against any Kikuyu man here in Bondo or anywhere else, that Kikuyu or Kalenjin is also suffering as you are suffering," he added.
"Everywhere I go they call me Baba. The other day I was in Kiambu and they called me baba as Uhuru watched. The Kikuyu community are our people. Let us not take the sins of one person and put it in others heads," he said.
"God will push Uhuru alone as he does not speak and serve the interest of any Kenyans."

Raila has said that Kenyans will not participate in next week election and has urged his supporters not to participate in the process.

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