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Friday, 27 October 2017

leonard cheptumo

Tuju Message to Raila after boycotting poll

Tuju has issued statement to Raila after voting closed.
Here is a statement to Raila
"Raila is in a desperate situation this being his last shot to the presidency."
He noted that Raila odinga is not ready for election and is only buying time to force a national inclusion government.
Raila has vied for election for the 4th time now and has lost in all the four timed he has tried.

Tuju jubilee party Secretary general

Raphael also noted that It is regrettable that one leader can mobilize people from his counties to blackmail other counties .
He said in relation to four counties which have not voted including kisumu, homabay ,siaya and migori which are opposition strongholds which did not participate in the election.
Tuju also noted that jubilee are used to winning and it was not surprise for them when NASA boycotted election.

leonard cheptumo

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