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Thursday, 26 October 2017

leonard cheptumo

Why Uhuru Kenyatta will get more than70+1% in today election

I'm seeing many asking if Uhuruto will garner the requisite 50%+1. The answer is he'll get more than 70%. Why?
Because it's is 50%+1 of the TOTAL VOTES CAST not of the TOTAL NUMBER OF REGISTERED VOTERS.
For instance...
If, of the 19m+ registered voters, only 5m turned up to vote. Then Uhuruto will need 2.5m+1 vote to be declared president.
What about 25% in at least 24 counties? Again, it's 25% of the votes cast in the county. For instance...
If only 100k people turned up to vote in Mombasa County, Uhuruto only need 25k of the votes to meet the 25% requirement.
But what if other constituencies boycott the voting process, wouldn't that invalidate the entire process? long as the voting materials are availed in all the 290 constituencies, the election is valid. After all you can't, by law, force people to vote.
The returning officers will fill 0 (zero) for each candidate in polling stations where materials were availed but people decided to boycott the process.

But there may be stations where IEBC officials failed to show up and so there were no voting materials, you ask? Well, it will matter most why they failed to show up.
If they deliberately sabotaged the process to please the master saboteur, they'll all rot in jail and there will be no repeat poll. But if they or their families were threatened by the 'resistance', then still there will be no repeat poll (as no one can eat his cake and have it, legally speaking.... Unless you are before a judge like Odunga )
I hope this was helpful? go out there and exercise your right to vote.

leonard cheptumo

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