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Monday, 6 November 2017

leonard cheptumo

My wife enjoys foreskin owino says after being called uncircumcised


Babu owino today threw thunderstorms in social media after allegedly being called uncircumcised by jubilee supporters on several instances.
Owino made it clear that he is not circumc*ised and that his wife enjoys it that way.
Owino is a very controversial figure and has been making headlines for all the wrong reason since being elected to Represent embalasi east

Owino in a past event/ photo Courtesy

Here is what he posted in his social media account.
"I have blocked 12 idiots from jubilee who keep on telling me to get circumcised,yet I sleep with their daughter daily and she enjoys the foreskin.More will be blocked if they continue hurling insults at me with their uncircumcised brains."

leonard cheptumo

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