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Monday, 11 December 2017

leonard cheptumo

How orengo misread constitution about peoples assembly


Orengo and nasa lawyers have once again misread the constitution about formation of the peoples assembly.
The motion has been so far been passée by over 15 counties.
Mandera,Mombasa and Turkana are some of the few counties which passed the peoples assembly last week ahead of much anticipated Raila swearing in ceremony which has been postponed.
Orengo misread the constitution in October 26 poll in which he thought if one constitution does not vote,the results will be null and void.
7 nyanza constitutions did not vote but elections was still declared to his shock.

He then advocated the formation if the peoples assembly with Raila as their president.
But according to Kenyan constitution the peoples assembly does not require a president and thus orengo move to advice Raila as peoples president will amount to high treason which is punishable by death.
Peoples assembly can only nominate leaders and not swear them by giving them aoth of office.
Orengo since winning August 8 petition has been full of himself calling himself a walking constitution.
Pride comes before downfall.

leonard cheptumo

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