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Thursday, 21 December 2017

leonard cheptumo

How Uhuru showed Kenyans What humility is During election period



In 2010 we passed one of the world’s most progressive constitutions of our time. We were heralded globally, especially because we passed it in peace and by a super majority, despite having been on the brink of civil unrest just three years before.

Then on September 1 the Supreme Court nullified the August 8 presidential election and ordered a fresh one in 60 days. The world was shocked!! WERE YOU NOT??

This had never happened before in Africa.
Across the world it had only happened in three other countries.
No one was sure whether Kenya would survive this decision.
We all started preparing for chaos as local and international sectoral leaders started calling for a negotiated political settlement between President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga, to avert violence!!! WHICH VIOLENCE?

Then NASA decided to escalate the tension. HOW?
1.Political rhetoric rose to alarming levels;
2.Raila and company started directly and indirectly urging their supporters to the streets to cause disorder and instability; 3.Instigating violence against state officers and police;
4. Demanding parts of Kenya secede;
5. Insulting the President and his family during political rallies; 6. Profiling certain communities negatively;
7.Calling for economic instability.

(Forgive them Father for they knew not what they were doing)

For a moment NASA looked more powerful than the government; a power unto themselves.
Many of us were looking at the President and wondering why and how he was letting Raila get away with so much!
During the funeral of Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru Majority leader Aden Duale even went to the point of urging the President to be ‘Rais sawa sawa’ as we move forward. The hawks from Jubilee started trying to ‘help’ the state.
We verbally attacked the opposition.
Some locals decided to organise themselves into ‘business communities’.
Others went into rhetoric overdrive against NASA.
My good friend MP Charles Njagua (Jaguar) even allegedly pounced on MP Babu Owino in Parliament!
But the reality is that we were all running scared as we watched our economic, social and political fabric stretch beyond our comfort zones.
Our Judiciary, Executive and Legislature were also being tested in ways no other country in the world has tried to test theirs.
What we did not know is that the President had decided that this was an opportunity to show us and the world that our fidelity to the Constitution is not just something that we speak about, or that we did; it was who we are.
Despite what must have been immense pressure to ‘do something about this man Raila’, he humbled down and focused on working within the limits of the law, to move Kenya forward.
It takes a very strong man to have been President of Kenya during this period.
If some of us had been President – including yours truly - this country would be different and not in a positive way.
Uhuru has taught us what it means to be patient, humble, God-fearing, and to stand alone in authority.
I personally also saw what power under control looks like.
Today we have a President who has shown us, and the world, that even the Presidency as an institution is subject to the Constitution.
The clarity with which he has passed this message across means that no one will ever be able to claim to be above the law; not if Uhuru, fourth President of Kenya and son of Founding President Jomo Kenyatta, was not.
This message; that we are a nation of law and order, is a critical part of the formation of a state and will play a crucial role in the sustenance of our nation moving forward.
Today we now know ourselves and we are confident in our Constitution, and its capacity and capability to shepherd us as a nation.
We are here to stay, no matter what comes at us.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
By P.K. Nderitu

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