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Monday, 18 December 2017

leonard cheptumo

Its over for Raila Musalia Party now claims

ODM have been dealt a huge blow after musalia mudavadi party member confirmed that it is over for Raila odinga and that ANC has no plans to be member of ODM and NASA for A long time.

Addressing journalists on Sunday, ANC member and Lugari MP, Ayub Savula, said the party is planning to chart its own path to avoid confusion witnessed in NASA and ODM.
" As ANC, we do not want to be caught up in the ODM or NASA confusion,” said Savula who is also a second term MP.
“We want to chart our political future early enough by marketing Mudavadi as our flag bearer.” Savula added.

NASA is set to scramble soon with all its principals eying the 2022 seat.
Kalonzo will never accept to be number 2, while mudavadi also will never accept to be kalonzo running mate.
Orengo who is also planning Raila political retirement is set to inherit the vote rich nyanza region and might be in the ballot also.
NASA will not last more than next year.

leonard cheptumo

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