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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

leonard cheptumo

Kisii NASA leaders threaten to dump Raila

Kisii NASA leaders have threatened to dump NASA leader Raila amollo odinga after being shortchanged in both parliamentary committee positions and distribution parliament and senate positions.

"Richard Onyonka (Kitutu Chache) and Ben Momanyi (Borabu) said Wiper, ANC and Ford Kenya are being shortchanged by ODM in House leadership positions.
“We shall reconsider and re-think our position in NASA if ODM continues to mistreat us. We are equal partners in the coalition and we should be treated as such," Onyonka said.
"NASA has been fighting for fairness and equity in this country and they should practice it,” he was quoted by the star.

Kisii region voted overwhelmingly for both jubilee and NASA, both jubilee need MPs from the region to boast their nikeriv strength in the national Assembly.
If NASA lose those members of parliament who are not satisfied to jubilee it will be their biggest political blunder ever.
Raila odinga is one of the most disloyal politician in Kenyan history who never keeps friends for long because of betrayal.

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