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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

leonard cheptumo

Matiangi issues new order to all driving school schools

Since the start of this year road accidents have claimed over 200 lives.
The most tragic was one that happened few days ago where a family lost 19 family was along Nakuru webuye road
Following the development cs matiangi has issued a solution to the problem,
All driving schools to be deregistered and apply afresh for accreditation due to the number of accidents being experience - CS Matiangi .
It is understood that the root cause if the accidents are reckless drivers who have no experience and go through driving schools which offer them bribes to get licences.
Matiangi wants that system of impunity to end and has offered a direct solution to the problem at hand.

Matiangi is the most performing cabinet Secretary ever andis running two ministries successfuly following the death of cs for internal security nkaiserry.

leonard cheptumo

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