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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

leonard cheptumo

NASA on brink of collapse after musalia new announcement against Kalonzo


NASA leaders had an mou before the august 8 poll.
They were confident of winning that they allocated themselves terms to serve as president.
Raila was to start for 5 years, followed by kalonzo for another 5 years and then mudavadi for another 5 years.
Mudavadi term was to start in 2027.
Kalonzo was going to be the automatic opposition flag bearer come 2022 and it was expected that mudavadi could rally behind him and support him but that is not the case .

Kalonzo/photo courtesy.

Kalonzo through makueni governor said kalonzo is the automatic NASA front runner in 2022 few days ago.
Today musalia mudavadi has said he will be also in the race going against NASA MOU.
ANC secretary general, Barrack Muluka made the revelations yesterday and said the Western region will rally behind Mudavadi in 2022 even as he accused “outside forces” of trying to divide them.
Outside forces means kalonzo and company who have made their intentions clear about 2022.

leonard cheptumo

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