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Monday, 18 December 2017

leonard cheptumo

Raila baffled as luo elders Endorse Uhuru presidency

The Luo Council of Elders over the weekend announced that it recognises President Uhuru Kenyatta as the legitimate Head of State in Kenya.
The elders led by their chairman, Nyandiko Ongadi , stated that President Kenyatta had been duly elected and urged him to unite Kenyans and consider all communities in his appointments .
“Kenyatta is the President of everybody in Kenya. I call on him to consider the Luo, like other communities, in jobs and national resources distribution,” Mr Ongadi was quoted by the Star .
President Uhuru Kenyatta being inaugurated Last month
The elders made a special appeal to the President requesting him not to neglect luos in development projects and appointments in government.
“Political rivalry is normal in a democratic country like Kenya. Let President Kenyatta and his Jubilee leadership work with all communities,” the council chair explained.
Mr Ongadi further noted that the political differences between Opposition Leader Raila Odinga and President Kenyatta should not be used to sideline the Luo community adding that anyone appointed to the government should not be considered a rebel.


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