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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

leonard cheptumo

Swearing in Raila is waste of time musalia party now claims

Addressing the Press on Tuesday, ANC top leader, Ayub Savula, asked Rauila Odinga to shelve the controversial idea of swearing himself in as President since it serves no purpose.
"Swearing-in Raila is a waste of time," Savula who is also Lugari MP said.
"What will happen after that?”
“He does not have the National Intelligence Service, the police or the Treasury.”
“How will he, then, operate?" Savula was quoted by a local media house..
Raial has vowed to go on with swearing in plans and hopes that he will be the first opposition leader in Kenya to perform an act of treason which is punishable NY death.
He said yesterday that he is willing to die for a good cause and has said he must take the oath of office.

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