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Friday, 22 December 2017

leonard cheptumo

Wahome Gakuru son Excels despite losing father morning he started KCSE

Wahome Gakuru son has excelled in his KCSE exams despite losing father the morning he started the exams.
Wahome Gakuru passed on early November just after serving two months as nyeri Governor.
Gakuru son was starting his ksce exams when he received news that his father had passed on.
Despite doing his exams with grieve ,the youngboy who waa in starehe boys center managed to score a strong B+.
In this matiangi era he has passes with flying colours and will join 75000 other candidates who will sit for exams.
Gakuru son scored an A in mathematics the paper he sat the day his father passed on.
His father must be proud of him wherever he is watching from.
Rip Governor wahome Gakuruw

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