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Monday, 18 December 2017

leonard cheptumo

Wetangula makes prediction of Raila Odinga political future

Wetangula has told off any possibility of Raila odinga ascending to the highest office in the land.
He has revealed that according to their plan odinga was to vie his last election in August 8 poll and his last option was in October 26.
Wetangula also articulated that the August 8 election was the last time the NASA leader would vie for the Presidency and he is to pass down the mantle to one of his co-principals.
"We agreed with Raila that the election was the last polls he will be participating in and he will throw the ball back to one of NASA's co-principals," the Senator said over the weekend in a function in his home county.
He also said that it is time for mulembe nation to produce a President.
Odinga last chance was on August 8 any future election will be vied by one of the 4 principals and not Raila odinga
Wetangula remarks seems the be directed to kalonzo who is considered the automatic number 2 in NASA

Raila and wetangula/courtesy

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