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Monday, 15 January 2018

leonard cheptumo

Maraga issues new statement

Chief Justice David Maraga has raised concerns over the rising numbers of people being remanded in prisons for petty crimes.
Maraga on Monday said the number is alarming compared to those whose cases are successfully prosecuted.
He spoke during the launch of the Criminal Justice Committee at Supreme Court.
"There is a great need to urgently correct some of the embarrassing features within the justice system," he said.

Maraga said for a long time, all the actors in the justice chain including judiciary, police, prosecution, probation and Children's department have had structural and systematic challenges that require urgent attention to streamline the sector.
He said the current legal framework does not address the needs of the young generation who find themselves in conflict with the law as they socialise and earn a living.
"We have established that 75 per cent of those sent to prison are aged between 18 -35 years. The majority are poor whose only offence is lack of business license or being found drunk and disorderly," Maraga said.
He said it is worth noting there is a high low rate of prosecution of serious offences.
"Only five percent of sexual offences have been determined with offences like organised crimes and capital offences recording the highest acquittals and withdrawals. This only means that freedom is being procured at the expense of justice," he said.

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