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Thursday, 15 February 2018

leonard cheptumo

Blow to kalonzo as ukambani Leaders pledge support for Mutua

Ukambani leaders have renounced their support for wiper leader kalonzo musyoka.
One such leader has felt hopeless after spending millions of money on wiper party only to get nothing.
“I have lost confidence in Wiper and Kalonzo and have taken a sabbatical political leave,” Kitheka who is also the chairperson of Machakos County chapter of national chamber of commerce and industry said in a Facebook post.
Kitheka has been a diehard supporter of Kalonzo and Wiper, and was known to use his resources to campaign for the outfit in the past.

Ukambani youth leaders league have also swapped their support from kalonzo to mutua.
The leaders sad that kalonzo leadership style has failed the ukambani region.
Most ukambani region leaders have lost confidence in kalonzo water Mellon leadership.
Wiper party majority leader in national assembly Francis nguga has also said he will resolve his differences with mutua and work with him.
He promused to Dr Mutua saying the time to forget ‘their differences’ and work together had com

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