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Thursday, 15 February 2018

leonard cheptumo

Chebukati issues first statement since October 26 poll

Chebukati kept a low profile ever since the disputed October 26 poll which the opposition boycotted.
Chebukati kept a low profile and made no public appearances until Kenyans questioned his whereabouts.
He today went to meet the parliamentary committee on constituency reviews and requested them for 8 billion Kenyan shillings to review the current constituencies.
Chebukati showed confidence that the process will go well as planned.

“We are confident that the process will go well but the revision of borders within the country might involve some citizens being relocated from their homes,” said Chebukati.

The opposition have opposed the move saying that chebukati team will favor jubilee while doing reviews on the current 290 constituencies.

Chebukati said after the review some constituencies will be increased while others will be reduced.

leonard cheptumo

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