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Friday, 16 February 2018

leonard cheptumo

Francis Mureithi gives latest update as he is still leading against Babu


Babu owino is surely headed for a by election against his staunch Rival Francis mureithi who is the jubilee candidate.
Mureithi still leads babu by a huge margin in the latest news coming from embakasi east voter recount.
Here is what mureithi shared on his Facebook page.
"It’s good to be realistic hakuna haja ya propaganda.
The race is still tight we have increased our lead from 1566 votes to 2733 votes.
MUREITHI- 26,835
BABU- 24,102
We found GOVERNOR and MCA ballot boxes that had MP marked ballot papers where by I had 0 votes in those boxes and babu had 616 and 596 votes respectively. Ukweli inazidi kujitokeza. TUENDELEE KUOMBA."

Babu owino clearly rigged the election going by those Governor abs Mp ballot boxes which were found in which only mp ballot were marked and all went to babu Owino..

The judge night declare mureithi winner after the recount If he continues leading or orders a by election in embakasi east.

leonard cheptumo

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