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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

leonard cheptumo

How kalonzo ended Raila Odinga national resistance movement idea

After supreme Court upheld Uhuru Kenyatta win in last election Raila Odinga came up with national resistance movement idea.
The idea was to paralyze government activities and hold demonstrations every week until government bows to pressure and holds dialogue with the opposition.
Kalonzo musyoka was in German that time and did not speak about the agenda even a single day.
Those privy to the wiper leader revealed that the wiper leader was against the idea especially demonstrations by NASA supporters.
This paralyzed the idea as NASA without kalonzo will be a western Kenya affair.
The national resistance movement came up with swearing in idea, kalonzo still managed to Rally all the other principals against the idea which left Raila Odinga for the idea.
Raila Odinga went ahead and was sworn in.The event was termed joke of the year with all the 3 NASA principals not showing up.
Kalonzo has maintained that the Event is illegal and does not show signs of being sworn in.
Kalonzo actions have put the coalition in crossroads with no clear path on what to do next but watch jubilee rule for the next 5 years.

leonard cheptumo

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