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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

leonard cheptumo

Kalonzo changes mind about swearing in hours after announcement

Kalonzo has denied reports in a section of the media about his planned swearing in ceremony.
Speaking in Machakos on Tuesday, the Nasa principal termed the claims "propaganda and Jubilee traps" and said the announcement will be made "later".

It had been earlier reported that kalonzo will be sworn in February 28 as deputy peoples President.

could have not taken the oath on the day Raila took the oath. We had a strategy for him to start and for me to be sworn-in later."
The politician further noted: "We are conducting a serious audit on what is happening in the country and are consulting with Nasa. We are focusing on the fight for freedom.

Kalonzo musyoka is known yo have always considered the idea of being sworn in as a joke and those close to him say he considers it a joke.
Kalonzo does believe in being sworn on without instruments of power.

leonard cheptumo

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