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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

leonard cheptumo

Kalonzo reveals why he might never be sworn in as peoples deputy president

Kalonzo has shown cold feet towards the much hyped peoples assembly swearing In ceremony.
Speaking after meeting wiper women's delagates kalonzo revealed that the swearing in ceremony is illegal and jubilee government are waiting patiently for him to take oath of office and arrest him.
Asked why they never arrested Raila
"They can never arrest Raila because he is a not a front runner and will not vie in 2022, they know I will vie and if they get the chance to lock me up am finished" kalonzo claimed.
He also claimed that high treason attracts high bond and if arrested jubilee government might set the bond for him to be released at 200Million something which he cannot afford.
He also cited that his passport might be confisticated making it impossible for hon to travel outside Kenya.

He said that he is still reconsidering and will make final decision soon.

leonard cheptumo

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