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Thursday, 15 February 2018

leonard cheptumo

NASA reveals when they will name cabinet

National Super Alliance (NASA) leaders will in 10 days launch its National People’s Constituent Assembly (NPCA) where they will reportedly unveil their Cabinet and key members of the NPCA.
The NPCA will be the Opposition’s top decision-making organ to be headed by NASA leader Raila Odinga.
According to a strategy paper drafted by the ‘People’s Assembly’ technical committee, NASA will name a cabinet and key members of the NPCA during a convention.
“This will be done during our national convention at the end of this month,” NASA strategist David Ndii stated.

He added: “Our goal is to see the people’s assembly process culminate in a presidential election under a new electoral regime by August this year.”
The strategy also revealed that the resolutions of the national convention will be validated by the people through a referendum.
Dr Ndii further revealed that the convention will inaugurate the national leadership that will support the people’s President in this most solemn of national duties.
Additionally, the Opposition will be seeking to ensure every vote counts, defend the separation of powers, independence of the Judiciary and supremacy of Parliament.
According to Rarieda legislator Otiende Amollo , Kenyans should be allowed to support their preferred leader further maintaining that NASA supporters recognised Odinga as their “president”.


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