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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

leonard cheptumo

Raphael full letter to maraga accusing him of favoring NASA

Jubilee secretary general Raphael Tuju has accused Chief Justice David Maraga of almost burning down Kenya after the August 8 presidential election was nullified.
In an open letter to Maraga on Wednesday, Tuju said during the elections, the CJ and the judiciary showed evident signs of "bias, impunity and poor leadership".
"With all due respect, may I state the following not to provoke you but to submit that no powers can be absolute. Irresponsible actions from the Judiciary, Executive or Parliament can burn this country," he said.
The letter appears to read from President Uhuru Kenyatta's script after the nullification where he warned that they "shall revisit" the conduct of the Judiciary.

In his letter, Tuju said that the Judiciary has continued to act in a similar manner even after the elections especially by giving ex parte orders.
"Your court on other hand have found it in order to grant many of Okiya Omutata prayers ex parte and with utmost of urgency and anticipatory bond to NASA leadership after the illegal act of swearing in the so-called "peoples president"," Tuju said.
He added; "Like all sensible Kenyans, we must respect the doctrine of separation of powers for our young democracy to survive, and for the viability of our beloved country."

also wrong for the Judiciary to be controlled by NASA/ODM leaning judges or to have judges whose loyalty is first to the tribe and not to the law and the principle of fairness."
Before the August elections, Jubilee Party asked the Chief Justice to remove Justice George Odunga from all August 8 election cases.
In a letter, Tuju cited Odunga's relationship with NASA lawyer James Orengo (Siaya Senator).
He went on to cite the cases in which Odunga had presided over in which Orengo was representing the Opposition.

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