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Sunday, 11 February 2018

leonard cheptumo

Resign as peoples president And accept Uhuru controls instruments of power Makau Mutua tells Raila

In an opinion peace published in the standard makau mutua has asked opposition chief to resign as peoples president and accept Uhuru Kenyatta controls instruments of power.
Makau mutua gave Uhuru Kenyatta conditions in which NASA leader will accept he controls power.
First is that he accepts to dialogue with Raila Odinga and accepts that he facilited a constitutional coup in October 26.

Second he desolves cabinet and facilitate three month dialogue between government and opposition.
Third, Raila – following Kenyatta’s actions – must renounce the January 30 oath as the People’s President. He doesn’t have to accept Kenyatta as President, but he must agree Kenyatta controls the instruments of power, ” the lawyer stated.

This according to mutua will enable the country to move forward

leonard cheptumo

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