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Thursday, 15 February 2018

leonard cheptumo

Source:Live update Embakasi East Voter Recount Jubilee Francis mureithi leading

An inside source in the ongoing voter recount has revealed to us that babu owino is on his way to lose his parliamentary seat after court ordered voter recount.
A source privy to the ongoing voter recount shared the following information from 15 polling stations.

"EMBAKASI EAST VOTES RECOUNTS. Francis Mureithi- 2242 Babu Owino-405 15 polling station.From My insight analysis The member of Parliament for Embakasi east will lose the seat to the petitioner Francis Mureithi."

Babu owino petitioner Francis mureithi Successfully petitioned high court to order voter recount against babu owino and the recount was granted.
If Francis mureithi wins in voter recount he will be the first petioner to win from voter recount and not by election.

leonard cheptumo

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