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Sunday, 11 February 2018

leonard cheptumo

Why Raphael Tuju will not be vetted for cabinet position

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi says the Jubilee Secretary General will only appear at cabinet meetings on invitation to address specific issues.
As such, Tuju will have no ministerial office, neither the trappings of power that comes with it.
Speaking to Citizen TV phone on, Tuju said his co-option is intended at enhancing the Jubilee party’s role in government, his mission being to help ministers align their programmes towards the party’s manifesto that was launched during last year’s presidential election campaigns.

Tuju will be responsible for overseeing that the jubilee manifesto is implemented thus he will not have an official office but will be responsible for Overseeing that jubilee government manifesto is implemented.

Tuju was responsible for the great success for jubilee in both the primaries and national elections in August 8 and October 26 poll.


leonard cheptumo

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