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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

leonard cheptumo

Cartel paradise: Moha jicho pevu to name all looters in this date

Moha jicho pevu has threatened to name all big fish in corruption by June 5 when parliament resumes.

Moha has been known for his investigative journalism which has exposed major scandals in the country.
Moha jicho pevu has been exposing the scandals in through the media for over 10 years and has now threatened to take the fight to parliament.

In a tweet Moha jicho pevu has said that if big fish are not named by Friday he will take it into his hands and name them.

Here is what he twittered.

"Huwezi funga penalti kwa kichwa. Wafisadi wakuu wa NYS lazima pia wachukuliwe hatua za kisheria. Bunge litafunguliwa tarehe 5. Msipowataja tutawataja hadharani."
(You can not score a penalty using your head. Big fish in the NYS scandal must face the law. Parliament will resume on June 5, if you don't mention them we will call them out publicly," read part of Ali's tweet.

Moha is known to be a fearless and tactician who always verifies his facts before tabling them and it will be interesting to see him name them on parliament.

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