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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

leonard cheptumo

Moses Kuria offers solution to end corruption in NYS

Moses Kuria has offered solution to end corruption In NYS.
NYS has been rocked by two major corruption cases over the last 3 years .
In first case 791 million was lost, in second corruption case 9 billion Was lost.
Here is what moses Kuria has offered in a Facebook page to end this corruption by disbanding NYS.
Here is his post.

"We have 60 constituencies with Technical Training Institutes. Another 70 in progess and 85 starting in Financial Year 2018-2019 leaving only 75 constituencies without TTI's by June 2019. My idea- divert the Ksh 16 Billion from NYS and complete TTIs in all 290 constituencies then make each TTI an NYS in every constituency. Then disband NYS. As for installed capacity in NYS get a Public Private Partnership Partner (PPP) to convert it into a national engineering company to undertake public projects. If we must have corruption at NYS lets have 290 devolved units of corruption."

Moses Kuria the gathundu legislator is one of the most brilliant and intelligent legislators in the August house.

leonard cheptumo

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