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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

leonard cheptumo

Only 3 Remaining Gaza Gang leaders after hessy wiped out the entire Gaza gang

Only 3 Remaining Gaza Thugs after hessy wiped out the entire Gaza gang

The Gaza gang comprised of youth aged between 13-25.
The gang operated mostly in Eastland parts of Nairobi especially Kayole and Dandora.
The gang was believed to be ruthless and fearless and could kill without ease and fear when provoked.
The gang was trigger happy and killed many innocent kenyans and also the police.
Hessy an online police officer launched an initiative to wipe out the gang.
Hessy could post pictures of a gangster warning them to change and if they don't Change they were gunned down few days later.
Through hessy the leadership of the gang was brought to public limelight.
Their highest ranking leaders were Mwane, Teddy and Oginga who were all gunned down last year.
According to information by hessy only 3 Gaza leaders are remaining and here they are.

This thug goes by only 1 name Kagwancha.
He is believed to be the top leader and founder of Gaza.
Kagwancha according to hessy has relocated to Tanzania after police intensified search for him.

According to hessy Rooney is a smooth operator who was 3rd in command in Mwane gang who was killed last year.
Here is hessy last message to Rooney 

"This is the famous ROONEY, a terrorist within Kariobangi South, Kasarani, Kayole, Dandora, Mathare and CBD: kijana amejaribu maisha kwa mbogi ya Teddy na Kigonyi: Teddy ashanyuria, sasa wamebaki wawili, Brayoh Kigonyi na huyu(Rooney)
Its jst matter of time and the work will be done.(Loosely translated to mean your friend Teddy has died and now you are remaining two, this Rooney and Brian kigonyi after your friend Teddy passed on)"

3.Brian Kigonyi.
He must be the most famous of the gang.
Mostly known by the name Brayo. He has been featured in popular Kenyan websites and blogs after he begged hessy to spare his life.
Kigonyi who has publicly said he has reformed.

After reforming brayo is now a lorry driver.
He is the only 1 in the gang to have reformed after being warned .
You can see him in his latest picture working as a lorry driver.

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