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Saturday, 26 May 2018

leonard cheptumo

The incredible rise of timmy Tdat from Carbage collector to Fame

Timmy Tdat is one of the highest paid musician in the current music industry.
Tdat has managed to Get a huge following especially from the youth due to his consistency and style of rap.

He is credited to be among the most consistent musician in Kenya with a hit song almost every month.
Timmy Tdat told his story to popular TV show story yangu about his rise from abject poverty to stardom.
Tdat was born in a family of eight he told story yangu.
Speaking To Story Yangu ,he revealed that life took a turn for the worst after the demise of his father when he was in Class Seven.
“My father’s passing was traumatic, it was a big blow to my family. Life ilianza kuwa real zaidi. Kama hauna form unarudi ocha,” he narrated.

After death of his father Tdat relocated to kasabuni slum in babadogo where his sister was living.

While starting to make a living Tdat started out as a Carbage collector.
“I workedas a garbage collector, earning Sh10from each house I Collected refuse from." He narrated

Tdat explained that after collecting Carbage he ventured into selling women clothing but the business also collapsed that is when he became a tout at baba dogo stage to raise funds for his music.

He once sold a fridge and music system to finance a music project but it failed terribly since the music did hit as he expected.

Tdat breakthrough came in 2014 when he met naiboi formerly rapdamu,a music producer at pacho.
Together they released the song welewele which proppeled him to national limelight.
And the rest his history


leonard cheptumo

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