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Monday, 18 June 2018

leonard cheptumo

After being banned from Ntv and most TV station Moses Kuria opens his Own tv station

Having poached former Citizen TV’s Terryane Chebet to lead the Business development at the station, Mr Kuria, according to Business Today, launched the channel on April 2017.
Mr Kuria launched the channel as an entertainment channel, but would later turn to Business content after Ms Chebet’s recent announcement that she had “signed South Africa’s CNBC to air Business through the channel.”

“This week in Johannesburg I have signed an agreement with CNBC Africa which now assigns Fanaka TV as a content distribution partner in Kenya. This will enable us to carry business content from CNBC Africa alongside our Fanaka TV Kenya Business content.
“This journey begins with live debates on topical business and economic issues in the region. The first of these is the 'Great Interest Rates Debate' that will take place on Monday 19th June 2018 at Strathmore University.
“This milestone is truly transformational for us at Fanaka as we strive to bring you the best in business and economic journalism, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” she said earlier on Facebook.

This comes after NTV banned him from appearing on its tv station and also he worked out of citizen Tv sometime last year during the run up to election after moderators seemed to be against jubilee.

Moses Kuria is very popular in Mount Kenya region and his regarded as one of those who will take over from Uhuru Kenyatta after he finishes his term.
Kuria is jubilee number one defender.

He set up the station to create employment for the youth.

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