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Thursday, 7 June 2018

leonard cheptumo

Governor busted in NYS suspects bedroom After EACC Raided the mansion

Kiambu former governor has said that a popular Governor was busted in one if the NYS suspects bedroom After detectives from the assets and recovery commission broke in to the House at night.
The said Governor was relaxing in one of the bedrooms in the House when detectives broke in.

Here is what Kabogo shared on Twitter Telling EACC to name the Governor immediately.

“Asset and recovery Agent must tell Kenyans which Governor they found at a palatial home belonging to an NYS suspect. They found him/her sleeping in the master bedroom. They abandoned their mission only to come back and find the hse vacant,” Kabogo stated.

According to Kabogo, the officials temporarily abandoned their mission but did not find the unidentified governor upon their return

Here is what Kabogo shared in screenshot below.

NYS suspects in court/courtesy

leonard cheptumo

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