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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

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Kanze Dena life story:From Grass to grace

Kanze Dena Life Story

The Kanze Dena tribe is Duruma, part of the larger Mijikenda communities residing in the coastal part of Kenya. Many time, Kanze Dena age is not disclosed, but we know that she was raised by her mother after her father left them in search of greener pastures. While she did much of her growing without her father, she agrees having met him and his other family some years later in her life. She grew up both in Mombasa and Nairobi cities.

As a child, she was not particularly intrigued by some of her biological features. This led to a period in her life filled with low self-esteem. It may have been the pressure of her schoolmates or her being overly self-conscious that led to her discovering that her legs were a bit bowed.
This was further compounded by her breasts growing slightly earlier than her classmates in high school. The two extremely normal biological development events dealt a great pressure on her self-esteem.

Upon conclusion of her high school, she went on to work as a waitress. Kanze Dena pregnant was her second part of life while dealing with esteem. While life was supposed to be a bit good since she had some job, Kanze Dena boyfriend dumped her while she was pregnant.

She then proceeded to enroll for a secretarial course while attempting to keep her pregnancy from her mother. Her mother got wind of it while she was at Pumwani Hospital’s delivery unit.
She later joined a course in journalism from a college of professional studies in the city. It was while interning at KBC that her career in radio and television began with her reading a 4 pm news bulleting on the radio.

She later joined citizen tv where she has been a top 7 o'clock news anchor for the past 4 years.

The most challenging time in her life is when she was still struggling to make ends meet and had to leave her child with her mother.
Her mother passed on After she was diagnosed with cancer.

Today Kanze Dena added another milestone in her life after she was nominated today as deputy spokesman for government.

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