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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

leonard cheptumo

Kanze Dena Family: Details about Husband and children

Kanze Dena today made history after she was nominated in to the powerful deputy state house spokesperson.
Before being named to the position kanze Dena was the darling of kenyans always in nipashe weekend for the past 4 years.
Together with Lulu hassan they have amazed a huge fan base.

But what most kenyans don't know about kanze Dena is that she is not currently married but has a son who is not afraid to show to the world.

Kanze Dena first daughter Natasha passed on few months after she was born.

Kanze Dena however has an ex husband, the father of her son who she has on numerous occasions shared photos of him together with her son.

She made it clear that even though they broke up it does not mean that they are enemies and they will continue hanging out together and raising their son together.

Here exclusive photos of kanze Dena ex husband and her son.

Photos:Kanze Dena Instagram

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