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Thursday, 21 June 2018

leonard cheptumo

Matiangi deports 40 people found with gambling machines

Few days ago national security and interior cabinet secretary warned foreigners that They will be deported if found engaging in illegal activities.
Selling and operating of gambling machines was one of the illegal activities matiangi warned foreigners from engaging in.

Matiangi seems to have kept his word and has deported 40 foreigners who were found with the gambling machines

The foreigners, mostly from China and India, were picked from various estates across Nairobi and swiftly driven to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in readiness for their imminent deportation.
The foreigners were found assembling gambling machines which wewe being set up at various estates across Nairobi in readiness for operation.

Matiangi said that he will not allow foreigners to come to the country and Ruin our children's future.
He said any foreigner found engaging in the Chinese gambling machines will be deported immediately.

Some of these machines are operated by foreigners who are in the country illegally. We will not accept resurgence of illegal gambling machines anywhere in the country," he was quoted by tuko news.

Matiangi war on illegal gambling machines will not end there he has vowed to go from village to village burning the machines which ruin children's future.
He has already started the burning business in Nairobi and Nakuru where he set ablaze millions of the lotto machines.

leonard cheptumo

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