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Saturday, 16 June 2018

leonard cheptumo

Raila answers Gideon Moi on possible KANU- ODM Merger

Raila odinga today has spoken about possible political alienations ahead of 2022 election.
KANU mp kamket had said that Raila led ODM are in talks with Gideon Moi led Kanu.

Raila odinga today broke silence about the issue saying that time of politics is over and it's too early to talk about 2022.
This was a clear reply to Kanu party which said they are having structural talks with ODM about 2022.
Raila odinga maintained that Uhuru Kenyatta is president and time for campaign will come and everybody will have his chance at the presidency.
He maintained that it is not good to start campaigning while Uhuru Kenyatta is still in office.
He likened those campaigning to a man wanting another mans wife while hoping he dies to inherit the wife.

"Those polarising the country with cheap 2022 politics must give residents time to enough the fruits of development," Raila said.
Raila said: "If I relinquished my political stand for the sake of development, why should other people hover around with early campaigns?"

Gideon Moi is one of the politicians who has started early campaigns looking to form alliances wiper, ANC and ODM.

leonard cheptumo

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