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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

leonard cheptumo

Uhuru Kenyatta comments on kanze Dena first press briefing

Uhuru Kenyatta last week nominated kanze Dena to one if the highest office in state house Kenya.
Kanze Dena become the first women government spokesperson in a field which has been dominated by men since 1963.
Today the deputy government spokesperson had her first press briefing in a move which has impressed kenyans.

Looking elegant in her navy blue trouser suit, Dena maintained the Ksh3.0 trillion budget presented last week in Parliament by Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich was pro-poor and aimed at helping the government achieve its plans on the big four agenda.

She answered questions diligently and eloquently which seemed to have impressed his boss Uhuru Kenyatta who took to Twitter to praise her.

In his official Twitter page the presidency kenya.
Uhuru Kenyatta had this message for kanze Dena.

"Great inaugural briefing this morning by my new Deputy Spokesperson @KanzeDena," a message on the President's official Twitter account read.

Kanze Dena left citizen tv for the plum deputy government spokesperson post.

leonard cheptumo

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