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Saturday, 15 September 2018

leonard cheptumo

Details about text Sharon shared to governor obado son on WhatsApp that Angered the Governor

Governor okoth obado has finally cleared the air about her relationship with slain University student Sharon otieno, Governor okoth obado has admitted that he was in a relationship with the student,He said that it was true that the 7th month Baby Sharon otieno was carrying was his.
Okoth obado had agreed to take of the baby and even offered to buy Sharon a plot and build her a decent house, Sharon was a poor girl coming from a poor family.

After promising her a those things , Governor okoth obado was shocked to Learn that Sharon had three other children from previous relationship.
After the governor Learned about this, he became angry and cut commination with Sharon.
He blocked her in both whatspp and on voice calls.
Sharon tried to reach the governor but in vain.
she became mad and reached out to governor obado son, Sharon sent governor obado son a picture of her naked baby bump and told him he was pregnant with the governor son, he instructed the governor son to show the picture to her mother, Hellen obado , the migori first.
She told the governor son to tell her mother she is carrying the governors son and the governor will buy her even a bigger house than the one they are living in.
This action angered the governor, and the okoth obado family held a meeting about okoth obado took responsibility about the Sharon pregnancy and apologized to his family about the relationship.

leonard cheptumo

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