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Monday, 10 September 2018

Kenya news

I was also kidnapped Okoth Obado PA Oyamo narrates his side of story (Full interview)

Main suspect of the Rongo university murder case has finally spoken.
Michael oyamo who is Governor obado PA is the key suspect, while barack Odour is the main witness.

Michael oyamo who was arrested immediately after Sharon otieno was found death has narrated his side of the story.
He said that he was kidnapped and has narrated a similar story to that of key witnessed barrack Odour.
According to oyamo he was also a victim of kidnapping but managed to escape just before Barrack Odour escaped
He claims that he sought for treatment at kisii level 5 hospital before reporting the incident at uriri police station.
Police are not buying this story, They said it was not possible for oyamo to escape from a kidnapping incident with no visible injuries.
He moved from kisii level 5 hospital to uriri police station in a record 30 minutes which police have also questioned.
Every finger is pointing at the governor PA who was the last person to contact Sharon.
He also called an anonymous number several times the night Sharon was murdered.

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