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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

leonard cheptumo

Breaking: Former Assistant Minister passes on

The veteran politician, popularly known as "Esirori Nyamaguta", died on Wednesday morning as he was being rushed to a hospital in Nairobi.
Moturi was a loyalist to former President Daniel arap Moi.
Details on his death remain scanty. The former Assistant Minister was first elected through the infamous 1988 mlolongo elections.
At the advent of multi-party politics, Moturi was a chief campaigner for Moi in Nyamira.
His attempt to capture a Senate seat in the 2013 elections failed.
Moturi is the founder of Chama Cha Mwananchi, which he formed months before the 2013 election.
The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission split the North Mugirango/ Borabu constituency into North Mugirango and Borabu in 2012.
Until his death, Moturi was running his businesses in Amakara, Borabu, and Nairobi.
Nyamira woman representative Jerusha Momanyi sent a message of condolences to his family.
In an interview with the Star, she said he was a dedicated leader. Momanyi said Moturi fought for the interest of the people.
"We have lost a great leader in the North Mugirango and Nyamira as a whole. It is so painful but we have to bare it, " she said

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